Fabulous Hat Friday

Miss Fairchild Hat

Today’s fabulous Hat Friday’s Hat (I think i said that right) is a vintage number I have had for over 2 years! It has been sitting, waiting to make it’s debut…and last Friday it finally did. It was a HUGE hit. I wore it first to afternoon tea at The Hotel Windsor and then to Madame Brussels for some cheeky cocktails (just part of my 34th birthday celebrations). It was such a hit complete strangers even asked to have their photo taken with me. The whole ensemble (coming on Sunday) was fabulous…but the hat, well, as always, truly made the entire outfit.

The moral of this story lovelies? Fabulous hats get attention (and that can be scary)…but in my case, it has always been wonderful attention. Who doesn’t want to be told they look fabulous?

So this Friday I urge you to find a fabulous hat, put it on your head and strut your stuff!

Miss Fairchild xoxo15

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1 Response to Fabulous Hat Friday

  1. dvjan21 says:

    Love what you’re doing to promote hats. Hoping for a comeback for women (and men).

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