Sunday Best – Birthday Edition

Last weekend I turned 34. What better excuse to frock up in my Sunday Best than for afternoon tea at the Windsor?

Miss Fairchild Hat

This fabulous vintage hat has been languishing alone and headless in a hatbox for almost two years…just waiting for the perfect occasion to make its debut. Finally it was time to come out and play…and boy did we have a grand old time!

Eyebrows – B Collection Brow Box 

Eyeliner – Benefit Push Up Liner

Mascara – Max Factor False Lash Effect

Blush – e.l.f. “pink passion”

Lips – Red Sinner by the Lipstick Queen
Miss Fairchild

Hat – Vintage

Brooches – Fairy Bread brooch from Lilli at Frocks & Frou Frou and vintage teapot brooch

Pearls – Faux from Lovisa

Gloves – Op Shop in Brisbane

Dress – Vintage Ann Taylor

Stockings – Gio Fully Fashioned nylons

Shoes – Target Ballet Flats

Miss Fairchild

Ryan sent me off to the Hotel Windsor for two glorious nights and I started off my weekend with their famous, 130 yo, afternoon tea. My beautiful friend Donna shouted me…I have always wanted to go and it was so much fun. I even got a surprise birthday cake with candle and staff sang me happy birthday.

Miss Fairchild The fun didn’t stop there. Donna had always wanted to pay a visit to Madame Brussels and when she offered to shout me cocktails and a cheese platter I was more than happy to lead the way. I may have enjoyed a few too many glasses of the “Gin Garden” cocktail but birthdays are for indulging, right?

It was at Madame Brussels that I appeared to become famous. People legitimately came up and asked to have their photo taken with “moi”. I even received a proposal from a lovely gentleman. It would have been the perfect marriage of convenience, given that we both prefer our own gender. Just think how fabulous our house would be!
Miss Fairchild

Before I fell into a long hot bath, nothing but a fur and ordered room service…I was able to get a few shots of me in the halls of the beautiful Windsor. Not sure who (if anyone) won the lotto…but I would awfully love to take up residence in the “Rupert Hammer” suite…call me!

What would be your dream event to dress up for? A fancy afternoon tea at the Windsor, like moi? Opening night of the Ballet in Paris? Dinner at the Captain’s table on the Queen Mary II on a transatlantic crossing? Tell me all about it!

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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7 Responses to Sunday Best – Birthday Edition

  1. dvjan21 says:

    Delightful little story

  2. dvjan21 says:

    Here in Richmond, Virginia, a hot bed of Anglophilia, we have Tea at the Jefferson, a magnificent fin de siecle hotel. The ladies in town indulge in wonderful Edwardian atmosphere as the sip their tea and nibble on the petit fours. I thought of that as I read of your experience in Melbourne.

  3. BGDino says:

    Stunning… and the hotel and food look pretty good too 😉

  4. love it! I’m so glad you got spoilt for your birthday!

  5. Absolutely wonderfull outfit. The hat is a dreamy dream …

  6. Joyful birthday month wishes, beautiful lady. With all my heart, I hope that the coming year is a positive one filled with happiness, fun, sweet moments, and plenty of both vintage and millinery happenings for you.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* What a stunning outfit!

  7. retro rover says:

    you look fab happy birthday

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