Sunday Best – Birthday Edition: Part 2

While at the Windsor I decided to play dress up. As in I packed more for 2 nights than I did for a whole month in Paris! On my birthday proper I first got to play at rich fancy hostess.

Miss Fairchild

Pearls, Furs…and not much else….Until my guest arrived

Hotel Windsor Tea & Cake

With the Windsor surprising me with cake waiting in my room on my birthday, I knew we had to order up some tea. Silver service is the way to go…delivered by butler of course. Only the best for us playing dress up and pretending to be rich for the weekend. Though I do wish tea was served with the pretty Windsor tea cups and china …not just standard hotel mugs.

Miss Fairchild & Nessbow

My amazing friend Vanessa who visited me in my fancy hotel room and we ordered fancy tea in silver pots and talked about girls…it was the best

Miss Fairchild

Though I did cover up a tad more while she visited. My new favourite nightie from the final Circa Vintage sale. The white rabbit fur was also purchased from Circa a few years earlier. Nicole’s (owner of Circa Vintage) advice to me when I bought it … “Go home, take alllll your clothes off, get into/onto your bed and roll around in nothing but the fur”. Nicole is a wise woman. And I did just that. Four the boudoir I love lounging around in nothing but this fur. This outfit was perfect for tea and cake and talk of girls and amazing vagina themed presents!

Birthday Presents

Happy Birthday to Me/My Vagina! My first set of Ben wa balls, a doily embroidered with a vulva (and beaded clit) which is the most adorable thing ever…and being an amazing friend she also arrived with emergency pads (I had gotten my period and wasn’t prepared). 

After Vanessa left it was time to play dress ups. I went to the Circa Vintage sale for one main goal….to look like Dr Mac. For those of you who don’t watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (shame on you), Dr Mac is Miss Fishers BFF. She puts up with all of Phryne’s eccentricities (usually with a scotch courtesy of Mr. Butler) while being a dr and a lesbian and looking fucking fabulous.

Dr Mac

Oh Phryne, what have you gotten me into now???

Dr Mac

Why yes, I am fucking fabulous!

Dr Mac

This was actually shot in the Windsor. The first Episode of Miss Fisher was shot their in one of the fancy suites

Dr Mac

Amen sister! (note: sadly this is not an actual quote from the show)

Ok so now you know who Dr Mac is, and why I am obsessed with her…here is me trying to be her. But alas, I cannot compare.


Just so you are aware….sock garters are almost as sexy to me, to wear, as seamed stockings and a vintage girdle. I do need some socks though….stole these off Ryan.


The photos didn’t turn out the best. Using the front facing camera, a smart phone tripod and bluetooth remote I got shots that looked ok…until you zoom in and see the quality. Also all my standing poses I seemed to have tried to hide my neck…I look like a scared turtle!


If I stare at this window long enough…Will Dr Mac climb through it so we can make out?

Miss Fairchild Possibly my favourite of all of them….

Wandering the halls of the Windsor just casually being Dr Mac and seriously feeling sexy as fuck

Now I just need to learn some Hatter skills (hatters make mens hats, milliners make womens…and believe it or not there are huge differences in the way milliners make hats to the way hatters do….and hatters requires so special tools) so that I can make the full ensemble.

My plan was to dress up in my tux after this one…but after running around in all that wool, I ended up fainting and spending the rest of my weekend in bed.

Who do you want to play dress up’s as this week?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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4 Responses to Sunday Best – Birthday Edition: Part 2

  1. retro rover says:

    I adore dr MAc and you do look like her and totally fab to boot. she is such a great character

  2. Dr. Mac. …. Finally I got it. I was wondering who Dr. Mac is, when I read your posts on IG. Ver cool character. your first pic as Dr. Mac is absolutly great!

  3. Natalie says:

    Damn! You look sooo good in everything you wear! It’s like your super power or something! Isn’t Vanessa just THE best!?

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