Sunday Best: London Edition


While in Paris I took the chance to hop on a train and go to another country … a country with an ocean (or “channel”) between it….on a train! Mind blown. I will be hopefully catching you up on the rest of my trip soon, but until then here is what I wore to London to visit the Queen (and the amazing Faye & Catherine…who I first met through blogging and social media)

Miss Fairchild

Despite the early morning start, I had a good eyeliner & brow day…I knew then the day was going to be amazing. Miss Fairchild

What is this crazy lady wearing??? (I am excited to be at Buckingham Palace if you can’t tell)

Cardigan – “Dita” by Wheels & Dollbaby

Skirt – DIY 8 layer tulle circle skirt

Tights – Leona Edmiston

Shoes – Wittner “Colla” Ballet Flats

Miss Fairchild & Friends

Amazing Friends – via the internet

Hufflepuff Scarf – Provided by the staff at Platform 9 & 3/4

Trench Coat – Bombshell Vintage***

Faye & Catherine took me on a whirl wind tour of London…though we spent about half the day in Collectiff and about 1/4 eating (or trying to eat…but that is a story for another day). I adored them so much and I can’t wait to share more about our adventures in London (followed by their visit to me in Paris).

What would you wear to London to visit the Queen?

Miss Fairchild xoxo313

***note: I do not recommend this seller at all anymore due to delays, lies, deleted any comments that were considered negative and never responding once she has your money. This coat FINALLY arrived after much hassling and had been stuffed into a post bag, unwrapped, and the sticky part stuck to the coat and even after two drycleanings hasn’t come out. I also ordered two custom suits following her instructions for measuring to the letter and neither fit…and I haven’t received a response since bringing it to her attention last year)

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