Fabulous Hat Friday

Introducing “Coquette” 

miss_fairchild_coquetteMoi. Modelling the prototype “Coquette” headpiece in my line of hats designed for Lingerie enthusiasts who want something fabulous on the head to match the rest of their lingerie. The collection titled “Happy Endings” is still a way off…but this piece just needed to be made and worn and as it is Fabulous Hat Friday, I thought I would share it with you. miss_fairchild_milliner_coquette


noun: coquette; plural noun: coquettes
  1. 1.
    a flirtatious woman.
    “her transformation from an ice maiden warrior into a winsome coquette”
  2. 2.
    a crested Central and South American hummingbird, typically with green plumage, a reddish crest, and elongated cheek feathers.
mid 17th century: French, feminine of coquet ‘wanton’, diminutive of coq ‘male bird, cock’.

miss_fairchild_milliner_coquette2 “Coquette” is a wirework piece mounted on a bandeau (available to fit literally any head size). This prototype is a bit rough around the edges (it was made the day of my first visit to my local chapter of Lingerie Addicts Anonymous…though it was definitely more enabling and less anonymous than traditional “help” groups) but it certainly turned heads. I mean that quite literally. In fact a man almost walked off the train platform while staring and another walked into a pillar. This hat may be the most dangerous one I have made.

Made with beautiful eyelash lace along the top, handwired to be able to shape into a nice curve, just as it would sit if it was a real bra (note: Now I want to learn how to make a bra because it’s not just my head that needs this on me). The main cup is based on my favourite 3 piece style bra cup and covered in dotted tulle. miss_fairchild_milliner_coquette4How beautiful is this lace? miss_fairchild_milliner_coquette5The band is quite simple. Just a nice simple black mesh. But I couldn’t not have a band. After all this is a Coquettish bra…chicken fillets it is not.

For a very, very limited time I will be taking orders for “Coquette”. In this colour way, style and fabric (depending on lace availability it may be replaced with a similar eyelash lace) it will be $175. You can contact me at misssabrinafairchild@gmail.com if you wish to get your hands on one before she is put back on hold until I can finish the full collection. I will also be accepting custom orders for “Coquette” from $200 (want something to match a lingerie set? Your Dress? Want florals? Bigger “cups”? Let me know and I will work with you to design the perfect lingerie for your head!

If you need any more incentive to buy this pretty piece…I am hoping to raise some money to go back to Paris to further my millinery studies, especially to study under Estelle Ramousse and to hopefully attend “Ecole Lesage“. While in Paris I discovered Ecole Lesage and was able to interview to apply to study at the school. I was offered a place in the Haute Couture course as soon as I can find my way back to Paris (and the thousands of Euros it costs to study each of the 8 levels).

Maison Lesage is a family run couture embellishment & embroidery house, now owned by Chanel. They do all the embroidery, beading and embellishment for Chanel (as well as other Couture “Maisons” (Houses) like Dior & Louis Vuitton). Being accepted to study there was phenomenal enough…but to actually get the chance to learn from generations of experts…in Paris, well that certainly is a dream. One I can only achieve if I can make the money to go.

“Coquette” is for the woman who isn’t afraid of a little bit of flirtatious fun.

So ladies….are you a “Coquette”?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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One Response to Fabulous Hat Friday

  1. Natalie says:

    You are so talented! It is so gorgeous, I just love the materials you used.

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