Sunday Best

Miss Fairchild - Sunday Best

As you may know I like to get dressed up when I travel. I have heard it helps you to get an upgrade…but as the only airline I have flown with in Australia in the last 5 years is Tiger…that doesn’t work. But I enjoy it anyway. Plus I was extra excited as I was off to visit my BFF in Sydney. I usually visit when her husband is off at sea (he is in the Navy) and we have fun playing girl room mates. We eat a ridiculous amount of meat and watch bad tv and have lots of naps. It is the best. Though with her expecting my god baby in May…this was probably our last hurrah. And it was more baby shopping and naps and nursery making and dumplings than meat & bad tv.

Miss Fairchild - Sunday Best

While slightly impractical – I always wear my largest hat on the flight…this way I don’t have to pack it. Beware the wind on the tarmac. Either pin it to your head so even a cyclone wouldn’t get it off, or carry it if you are hitting the tarmac…especially in windy Melbourne. Miss Fairchild - Sunday Best

Hat – Miss Fairchild Millinery (aka Moi!)

Sunglasses – Alex Perry for Spec Savers

Brooch – Op shop

Lipstick – Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist

Miss Fairchild - Sunday Best

Top – ASOS

Skirt – DIY 8 layer tulle circle skirt

Handbag – Vintage “Spilene” bag in White (I have this exact bag in navy, red & brown as well…it is the PERFECT size)

Shoes – Wittner “Colla” Ballet Flats (aka the most comfortable shoes in the world)

Another reason to take off your hat…its either hold your hat on your head or hold onto your skirt…Normally I am fine with a bit of a Monroe moment, but it was ugly knickers day thanks to my uterus exploding. Learnt this the hard way. Miss Fairchild - Sunday Best Trench – Bombshell Vintage (see previous posts on why I will never recommend buying from them)

Another travel tip to get around baggage limits is to wear your coat. Even if it is a million degrees either end. Carry it until you check in, put it on and take if off again at the other end. Planes always seem freezing to me anyway.

So lovelies, what do you wear when you jet off to some exotic destination?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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