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Scent & Seduction

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I am sure I am not the only gal whose mind is on feeling & smelling sexy. Even if I am totally single, don’t have a date and will probably be at home … Continue reading

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Fabulous Hat Friday!

Fabulous Hat Friday fell on my 33rd birthday. As I was busy¬†being in excruciating pain (the birthday curse is alive and well) and sleeping all day this post is a bit late. I also thought that this Fabulous Hat Friday … Continue reading

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Fabulous Hat Friday!

I wanted to add another regular (well hopefully everything will be more regular that it has been over the last year) post to the blog. Of course it hat to be stunning vintage hats. Myrna Loy wears the most fantastic … Continue reading

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Sunday Best

note: this was posted on a Saturday as I really have no concept of time right now. So yeah. It’s not even like I just forgot to change the post date….I just thought it was Sunday. Though apparently today is … Continue reading

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Sunday Best

Today has been tough. Five years ago I was working in 50 degree heat in the Yarra ¬†Valley while the worst bushfires in a long time raged around me. It was a pretty scary day, but I got through it … Continue reading

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