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I am a Fish

Before you think I have completely lost my marbles like Rimmer in Red Dwarf…I saw a quote today on the divine & hilarious Vicki’s Blog HERE….and I had this really amazing light bulb moment that I almost can’t wait to … Continue reading

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My Real Style Inspirations…

Miss Fairchild’s Ferals Children Yes folks, those are my baby girls. My truest style inspirations. The ones who taught me to be myself… When I was growing up I moved around a lot. As someone who was picked on I … Continue reading

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Artistic Pursuits

In my quest to become a more well round vintage-esque lass, I decided art was something I should be *doing* more of. Now I am thinking back prior to the 40/50s to more of the Jane Austen period where women … Continue reading

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Wise Words

It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter. – Marlene Dietrich 

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Vintage Tag…

After seeing THIS post on the Chronically Vintage Blog (by the absolutely divine Jessica) I decided to jump right in and do it too. I am also choosing not to tag any one and instead hope people tag themselves (feel … Continue reading

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