Fabulous Hat Friday: Easter Edition

Easter Parade 1948

Judy Garland & Fred Astaire in Easter Parade

I am the only one who remembers Easter hat parades at school? In my first few years at primary school my best friend and my mum worked wonders. No paper hats for us. She came dressed as a frill necked lizard…and I went with another friend as Snugglepot & Cuddlepie – the gumnut babies (from an Australian series of childrens books by May Gibbs. It was full on costume for us. If only I could find the photos.

I wish there were still grown up Easter parades. I am always looking for an added excuse to don a fabulous hat.

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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Sunday Best

I think we all have those days…where we have nothing to wear….

Miss Fairchild - Life Model

Of course sometimes I take things a little to literally.

(Note: If you are ever a life model there are no cameras or smart phones allowed in. This was a photo I asked to have taken of me on my phone. If you are interested in becoming a life model make sure you look into your rights and what the standard rate of pay is in your area)

Last year I did something I was never sure I would be able to do, but as someone who is pretty comfy in the buff I really wanted to give it a go. Now it seems I am a professional life model. I have at least one job every week this month…and even more next month.

Once again I am having to put my naked photos on my blog as instagram just loves taking them down. But I can control what stays on this blog…and like my very first internet nude, I am in control of when and how my body is viewed.

An added bonus to life modelling, being good at it and having my body make art while I just sit around for a few hours, is getting paid for it. For a long time I was the sole breadwinner of the family. I ran a successful business, ran a charity that I had started when I was 23, was involved with numerous professional organisations and was on the parents & teachers association board at the girls school. Te very last thing I did before calling an ambulance and admitting myself to hospital (after spending the day talking to myself in the cupboard) was sign my resignation letter to a not for profit that was my life. I thought I had found my lifes purpose and was doing good work. I loved my job. I was always social. And then one day I lost it all. I spent the next 3 years heavily medicated in bed. I have never fully recovered. For so long I held onto this belief I would one day magically be better and I could try to pick up the pieces. Then I finally realised I might never work again. Feeling like a useless leech for years didn’t do my brain any great favours. With my various illnesses and aches and pains I wasn’t even sure I could do a job where I sit or lie down for awhile and people draw me.

Being able to contribute financially again has started to make a difference. I feel more useful. And knowing my body helps create art makes me so happy. I’m no Venus de milo, but I work what I’ve got.

Miss Fairchild by Joe

Miss Fairchild by Joe 10th of March 2016

So – who is celebrating their Sunday totally starkers?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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Fabulous Hat(s) Friday

Beaded Hats. Is there anything more beautiful? From the delicate & subtle, to the intricate and over the top…beaded hats have a special place in millinery. Especially in the 20/30s and the 50s.

beaded hat  beaded hat

From these “simple” and elegant pieces

beaded hat beaded hat

to the amazingly detailed and precise designs of these cloches

Beading, sequin work, embellishment and embroidery, certainly not at this level were taught at TAFE. I am pretty sure even final year wouldn’t have helped me learn this amazing creative medium.

beaded hat

This amazing 40’s piece is a unique take on the trend of taxidermied birds on hats…the detail! The work that went into this is mindblowing. 

I love the two years I spent studying millinery. I am really looking forward to going back and finishing my final year. But with my shoulders still not on the mend I had to turn my attentions elsewhere this year. I am still focusing on millinery skills, but instead of making hats I have learnt to work more with wirework, I am learning colour theory and mixing (so I can get more accurate results when custom dying), I am hoping very much to get a set of flower making tools and take some classes on that too. But while in Paris I was given an amazing opportunity…and it was everything I didn’t know I desperately wanted to know.

beaded hat

This is a “simple” sewn 20’s cloche covered in the most exquisite beading

Maison Lesage is a house of haute couture embellishment, beading and embroidery. Maison Lesage opened their atelier in 1858 and was a family run business. Some of the work they do now if the haute couture embellishments, beading and embroidery for some of the best couture houses – like Dior and Chanel. Maison Lesage is also now apart of the Chanel group. Their archives hold the worlds largest collection of embroidery art. Ecole Lesage

As well as Maison (House of) Lesage, they also have Ecole Lesage. Ecole (meaning school) Lesage is THE school of haute couture embellishment. I found out about the school while I was in Paris, I was interviewed and accepted into the 8 Level Haute Couture course. Which as you can imagine, was ridiculously exciting. The only problem was I would need to find the money to not only get back to France, but also the tuition fees. beaded hat

With the help of this course…maybe one day I will be able to make pieces as stunning as this beaded topper

We have worked out the finances and I can *just* afford to go back to Paris in November the only part I am having trouble with is finding the money to pay for the tuition. I would only be able to do one or two levels at a time and each costs 1350Euros. When a friend suggested I try crowd sourcing I mostly fobbed it off. I am great at hustling for money when I do Liptember each year…but that’s raising funds for an important cause. But in the end I decided to ask for help. Miss Faircld - Go Fund MeSo…can you help me? I do have some “rewards” for donors and you would have my undying love. I need all the support I can get. $2000 (approximately 1350 euros at the current AUD-EUR exchange rate) is my initial goal which should pay for my first level. If possible I would love to raise $4000 in order to do two levels. I am just $65 off being 20% funded. I need at least 40% to even be able to confirm my spot for November. If you want to help please consider donating…every single dollar counts. Even $5 would be a huge help. If you can’t donate please, please consider sharing this around. I need a signal boost. So click on the picture or the link HERE to be taken to my GoFundMe page.

My long term goal is to work in period costume design (millinery) or curate/restore/archive/keep safe a fashion collection – whether it be for the National Trust or somewhere dreamy like the MET. To do this I am going to need more skills than are on offer at TAFE. I am going to have to study lots of different things that relate to millinery. And this is where I am starting.

So today I am sharing my love of exquisite beaded & sequined hats. I hope you love them as much as I do and I hope you can support me on this exciting and nerve wracking journey!

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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Sunday Best

Last week I headed out to a screening of a hat factory documentary as part of Melbourne Fashion Festival. Finally giving this Lilly Dache hat the perfect debut… Miss Fairchild - Lilly Dache

Hat – by Lilly Dache (vintage)

Sunglasses – Alex Perry for Spec Savers

Liptstick – Von Teese by MAC (thank you to my lovely american friend Tamra for sending this to me…I LOOOOOVE it!)Miss Fairchild - Sunday Best

Brooch – Christmas present from Ryan

Dress – Second Look Dress by Dita Von Teese

Bag – Vintage 40s velvet bag

Shoes – Wittner “Colla” Ballet Flats (I seriously live in these)

Dita Von Teese MAC Lipstick I have to say I am seriously in love with this lipstick. I knew I had to have it because I am obsessed with Dita and everything she does is amazing…but I wasn’t sure I would like it. I am not a fan of MACs other matte lipsticks. They are super dry and hard to apply. I know that a lot of vintage girls love MACs “Ruby Woo” but I almost broke the lipstick trying to drag it along my lips. I gave it up and had taken to Revlon’s “Really Red” matte lipstick instead and then when I finished that I tried The Lipstick Queen’s “Red Sinner” which is also great. The Revlon & Lipstick Queen had a matte finish, with a creamy application. And sure enough the new MAC “Von Teese” lipstick is just like that. Goes on smooth and creamy, didn’t dry out my lips, only needed one touch up (after I devoured some lord of the fries on the train home) and had a very nice matte finish. I also love the colour.

So lovelies…what glamorous things are you wearing this week?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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Wise Words Wednesday


“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”

-Sophia Loren

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