Everyday Life

Everyday Life was the subject for this months blog posts…I did have some great ideas and things planned….but alas, life happened. 

As well as having the regular day to day stuff, I have had TAFE assignments pile up (though I just made my second hat – a flat pattern beret), I have been a lot more social, we are having a three week TAFE intensive and then last Monday hubby hurt his back and I have had to take over everything around the house. 

Lets just say I am a little frazzled. Hopefully I will be feeling a bit more calm and sane in the coming weeks. Until then I do have some outfit posts scheduled and of course wise words of the week. But very soon I will be hitting the 100 posts marks (this post will be #94) and I have a big give away planned. 

Miss you all!

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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8 Responses to Everyday Life

  1. Oh how I hate it when every day life gets in the way of the things I really wanted to do! lol! Good luck with everything!

  2. Sending you lots of calming vibes!

    I have also included you in my post- hopefully it brightens your day a bit! 🙂


  3. Teresa says:

    I hope things get a little calmer in the coming weeks for you and congrats on being so close to 100 blog posts! xo

  4. How wonderfully exciting! I remember watching the ol’ post counter closely as my 100th neared as well (and then again for 200, 500, and once more as I inch ever closer to 1,000!), and loving how fuelled onward I felt to keep writing once I had three digits worth of posts under my vintage blogging belt.

    You’re doing awesome – and will, I know, continue to shine in ll that you post, honey!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* …so very OT, but, you mentioned that it might be hard/impossible to find pink lemonade concentrate in Australia. You could always use a little pink food colouring and/or strawberry or raspberry extra to give regular lemonade concentrate a rosy glow.

    *PSS* I adore how you summed up one’s 20s vs (or compared to) their 30s. I really feel the same way as I get older and am so, so excited to know my 30s are just one (and three days) year away.

    • So close….and then I just ended up way to busy/exhausted/life and it just sat at 98 for almost a month 😦 Back at it now and next post is 100! I can’t imgine getting to 1000 though.

      Lemonade in Australia is quite different, we call sprite lemonade. Hardly any where sells “real” lemonade. Going to have to try to find some good recipes and try them out. I am not a fan of soft drinks….but real lemonade…bring it on!

      Life gets better once you hit 30!

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