Sunday Best

note: this was posted on a Saturday as I really have no concept of time right now. So yeah. It’s not even like I just forgot to change the post date….I just thought it was Sunday. Though apparently today is actually Sunday. 

Well so much for my goal to do a Sunday best each week….but things got really bad the last two months. We are still living in my brothers loungeroom, both my twins now need therapy because of the horrible awkward situation and then I fell down the black hole of depression to the point I had a plan (thats what it’s know with mental health services when you are about to kill yourself) and tried to get myself admitted to the psych ward. Anyway things got bad from there and then a few weeks ago I realised things were better….well until my anxiey flared up and I couldn’d physically leave my house for two weeks. Then my GP came to the rescue. He gave hubby a full appointment via phone (I have phone anxiety and most of the services available to me required me speaking) and decided to fax our chemist a script of valium to just get me through. Things are still rough but valium got me to my dr and he is yelling at people and stuff is happening like getting actual support.

So when I won a ticket to the Curvy Couture Roadshow which was part of Virgin Australia’s Melbourne Fashion Festival I almost didn’t go because I was stressed about a horrible week (well it was a good week but I had to do something everyday that week and I was out of steam and almost out of Valium) and it was 5 hours long. But I went and boy I did…because I can give you a fabulous Sunday best photo when I was paparazzied by the gorgeous Dani of Danimezza who supplied the photos for Plus Model Magazine… I was so surprised I thought she was asking the other two lovely ladies I was talking to and when she waved me forward I said “oh and me….???”

Photo by Danimezza


I want all my blog photos to look like this

Photo by Danimezza LINK HERE


Hat – Made by Miss Fairchild: Milliner

Top – $1 op shop find in Benalla with Nessbow

Skirt – 8 layered tulle circle skirt made by me

Stockings – What Katie Did Dotty seamed stockings

Shoes – black target ballet flats

This photo also made it’s way to Plus Model Magazine HERE which blew me away. Look…my photo is the same size as my blogging hero/personal idol/my bordeline stalked-ette as the fabulous Lilli from Frocks and Frou Frou (BLOG HERE). I need to learn a few more poses…as usual I just looked awkward.

The show itself was fabulous. It was broken into 4 runway shows and just outside most of those showing had their wares for sale or for orders. They had food trucks too. I have never been to a runway show as it never interested me and I knew there would be nothing for me anyway. It actually got pretty emotional where I was sitting during the swimsuit section. I started to tear up as I saw what my body really looks like in a swim suit. Those women were goddesses…but I never saw myself as looking good at all. There were women of so many shapes, sizes and colours.  There were a mixture of professional plus size models and volunteer models. It was hosted by the fabulous Casey Donovan and it was all just too much fabulousness. It is deserving of it’s own post entirely….but I barely have the energy to post this.

photo 2

a slightly better photo of my hat…which I adore and made all by my lonesome:D

I will try and blog again soon as the next day I flew to Adelaide to see Andi (Andi B. Goode BLOG HERE) and the Rocky  Horror Picture Show. So I definitely have to blog about that. But right now I am going to fall down in a heap and be relieved I don’t have to leave the house for almost a week!!

Miss Fairchild xoxo

ps – for those who have been such a huge support during this shitty time I love you so much. You all literally saved my life when the health system abandoned me. Thank you